A new glass plant began its work in a test mode

Construction of a large industrial complex with a factory for the production of quartz sand – the main raw material for glass production started in 2015. Constructor of this project is Tepe Turkmen Turkish company.  The project was implemented within the framework of state import substitution and export-oriented programs.

The production of glass by flotation is one industrial innovation for our country. Technological lines of the enterprise include a shop for preparation of raw materials, a smelting department, a shop "galay-bath" for the production of sheet glass of various sizes and thickness, a hardening shop and the production of finished products.

The plant is designed to produce seven types of products, including transparent and tinted, laminated and tempered glass for windows and double-glazed windows totaling 7.2 million square meters per year, as well as 85 million units of a variety of transparent and colored containers for beverages, vials for medical preparations ranging from 0.3 to 3 liters.

According to its equipment by modern energy-saving technologies, quality and diverse assortment of products, the enterprise will have high competitiveness with an orientation to the promising directions in this area of the market. The putting into operation the enterprise with its designed capacity will significantly reduce the import of the corresponding products and eventually set up its exports.

Kaynak : Atavatan Türkmenistan Haber Ajansı (ATHA)

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