Translation of Commercial and Legal Documents belong to Makul Hyzmat Translation Center

The rapid development of trade life in Turkmenistan, the acceleration of the integration of foreign trade, also affects the translation industry. Translations from Turkmen to Turkish, English and Russian, and the cross-translation of these languages ​​is increasingly becoming widespread. Especially the translation of commercial and legal documents is important in commercial life. Translation of commercial documents, contracts and legal documents is a very demanding task. Not only is it enough to manage  the language, but knowing how legal and commercial life works also increases the quality of translations in this area. The new established Translation Center Makul Hyzmat has begun to make an indelible impression, especially in the translation of commercial and legal documents.


Consulate approved translation.


The translations  made by the expert staff of this area of the Translation Center  Makul  Hyzmat  are also accepted by the relevant Consulates.


"Translation of Atavatan Turkmenistan" belong to Makul Hyzmat translation Centre


Despite being newly established, the Makul Hyzmat Team, which is carrying out translations of several corporate companies, also carries out translations of the International Magazine of Atavatan Turkmenistan. All translations of the international magazine Atavatan Turkmenistan which firstly  was distributed over 100.000 copies worldwide in Turkish-Turkmen and later in Turkmen-English publication were carried out by experts of the Makul Hyzmat Translation Center.


Monthly payment system


While  Makul Hyzmat Translation Center is working on an agreement basis with companies, it offers the possibility to transfer payments for the translation service to the bank account at the end of each month.


Online translation service


Makul Hyzmat Translation Center also summarizes online translation service as translation of commercial documents, translations of legal documents and contracts. By Word version or scanning your documents for translation, you can reach the Makul  Hyzmat Translation Center at


Passport, diploma, translation of marriage certificate


Especially, Turkmen citizens who is educated, employed, resident in abroad, foreign citizens residing in Turkmenistan, passport, diploma, marriage certificate and visa and work permit are could apply to the Makul  Hyzmat Translation Center . You do not need to come to the translation center twice for such translations. You can find it and  request for translation by sending it to  or  Line  account. When the translation is ready, you can get your translator by going to the Translation Center.


Translation  into four language


Makul Hyzmat Translation Center now serves in Turkmen, Turkish, English and Russian languages. The Makul  Hyzmat Translation Center is not the center that provides translation services for everything and every language, but it has made  a principle to specialize only in specific areas and specific languages.


Contact information:

E: Mail Address:

Phone: +993 63 78 96 73

Address: 70 Andalyp, Office 410 B. Ashgabat-Turkmenistan.

Official Line Account:


Official Line ID: @wnc1405j


Source: Atavatan Turkmenistan News Agency

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