The Exhibition “Margiana – The Kingdom Of The Bronze Age In Turkmenistan”

On November 1, 2018, the opening ceremony of the archaeological exhibition “Margiana – the Kingdom of the Bronze Age in Turkmenistan” took place in the Archeological Museum of Hamburg.

The ceremony was attended by about 400 people, among whom were the heads of the department of culture of the city of Hamburg, heads of German museums, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Hamburg, representatives of German scientific circles, representatives of German public organizations and companies, and representatives of the Turkmen Diaspora and Turkmen students studying in Germany.

A delegation of Turkmenistan headed by the Director of the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan arrived in Hamburg to participate in this event.

The exhibition featured 219 exhibits from three state museums of Turkmenistan – the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan, the local history museum of the Mary velayat and the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan, which presented the rich culture of Ancient Margiana in the second city of Germany.

Then, the official opening ceremony of the exhibition took place in the museum’s assembly hall, during which the director of the Hamburg Archaeological Museum Rainer-Maria Weiss, the director of the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan, senator for culture and the media of Hamburg Carsten Brozda, as well as Professor of the Technical University of Hamburg, Hanno Schaumburg made their presentations.

These presentations noted that the exhibition, which, following Berlin will now be held in Hamburg and Mannheim during 2018-2019, will make a huge contribution to the development and strengthening of cultural relations between Turkmenistan and Germany and will acquaint the German public with the history and culture of the Turkmen people.

The head of the Turkmen delegation noted the success of the exhibition, presented in the New Museum of Berlin from April to September 2018, which in such a short period was able to gather 385,000 visitors.

After the performances, the guests were shown a concert program prepared by the masters of the arts of Turkmenistan, which caused particular interest among the participants of the event.



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