President of Turkmenistan addresses the people of Turkmenistan

Dear compatriots!

We have declared the motto of the year of 2018 in our country as "Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Road". This year will be marked by the achievements in the implementation of the state programmes in the economic, social spheres and other significant areas of life of the Turkmen state and society.

I would like to note that our domestic and foreign policy is based on the principles of creation, all-round cooperation and openness.

Our strategy is focused on strengthening the foundations of the state, ensuring the rapid economic development, improving the welfare of our native people. It is aimed at the further strengthening of the Fatherland’s prestige on the world arena, expanding the equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with interested countries and various international organizations.

I want to emphasize that at present, Turkmenistan ranks among the states with a high international authority that has initiated a number of the energy and transport projects of the regional and global importance, which are successfully implemented.

The policy pursued by our country is widely supported by the United Nations Organization. The Resolutions on energy security and sustainable transport put forward by the Turkmen state in recent years were unanimously adopted by the UN General Assembly.

The projects implemented by Turkmenistan jointly with partners become the main component in establishing the large-scale trade and economic ties that contribute to strengthening the universal peace, stability and security.

On all continents, these projects are perceived as exceptionally important projects, and therefore the high assessment and recognition of these initiatives by the international community is quite natural.

In this regard, today, I want to proudly emphasize the importance of the Resolution on United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan that was unanimously adopted during a meeting of the UN Security Council on March 8, 2018!

The special role in the above-mentioned important document of the UN Security Council, which is one of the key structures of the Community of Nations, is assigned to the efforts taken by our state to revive the socio-economic infrastructure of Afghanistan.

In particular, based on the put forward initiatives, the Security Council supported the further efforts to strengthen the economic cooperation in the region and urged all countries to undertake the necessary work in this direction.

Among these initiatives are:

the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project,

the Agreement on the Lapis Lazuli Transit, Trade and Transport Route Afghanistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey,

the Project on the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan railway segment.

As is known, the implementation of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project started in December 2015, and the construction of the Afghan section of this gas main has been recently launched. At the same time, the works on laying the power transmission and fiber-optic communications lines along the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan route have been started.

Our country implements the ambitious projects in the field of transport. Two new railways – Kerky-Imamnazar-Akina and Serhetabat-Turgundi were built and put into operation to provide assistance to the people in Afghanistan.

Taking into account such a large-scale activity, the UN Security Council, in the adopted Resolution, has called all interested parties to ensure the safe conditions and promote the effective cooperation to implement the above-mentioned projects and agreements.

Dear compatriots!

The Resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on March 8, 2018 vividly testifies to the correctness and clear justification of the foreign policy pursued by Turkmenistan, based on its neutral status!

Moreover, this document clearly demonstrates the compliance of our foreign policy with the goals of the universal peace and sustainable development.

The Resolution recognizes Turkmenistan's achievements in strengthening the large-scale international cooperation in Central Asia and its neighbouring regions.

The Resolution adopted by the UN Security Council strengthens and further enhances the position and authority of Turkmenistan as an important partner of the United Nations.

This document provides us with an opportunity to confidently implement joint long-term plans and the strategy of interaction with this largest international organization.

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