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Every number of international journal "Atavatan Turkmenistan" is read with great interest by local and foreign readers. The special edition of the Asian Games of the journal was published on the days of the Turkmen Horse Festival. In the ceremony held at the Ahal Teke International Horse Complex for the Festival of Horses, has realized the distribution of Atavatan Turkmenistan journal. There was great interest in our journal, distributed to a large number of high-profile domestic and foreign guests. Guests from all corners of the world, businessmen and ambassadors doing business in Turkmenistan were observed with interest in our journal. After the ceremony was over, it was worth seeing that there were hundreds of people holding our journal. Thank you sincerely for havıng a part

to the Tepe Türkmen, Turkish Airlines, Halil Avci Group, Nata Holding, Sabancı University, AO Smith Water Technologies, Net Organization, Schneider Electric, Arifiye Fidancılık, Elden Ele, Makul Hyzmat Translation centre, Ahal Teke Danismanlik (www.turkiye-turkmenistan.com ) ,  www.turkmenhabargullugy.com     and www.turkmenlawyer.com   Legal Office and to their directors.

Sourse:  Atavatan Türkmenistan News Agency (ATHA)

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