Yosemite Valley: the place of inspiration of Steve Jobs

We decided to continue the articles about our visit to the United States of America with the wonders of Yosemite Valley.

We started to the National Yosemite Park at night from Los Angeles (we have previously mentioned about this city on our website). Yosemite Valley is located in Yosemite National Park. We name it a park, however it is not a small place, national Yosemite Park covers an area of more than 3 thousand square miles.

Yosemite Valley is approximately six hours away by car from Los Angeles. We lodged in the-so-called Fresno city, because, having a rest after long journey, we were to visit the National Yosemite Park the next day!

They say this place attracts 4 million visitors each year. This place is the beautiful landscape of the real nature. It bears resemblance to a piece of art made by an artist. A beauty stretched along the field, the trees that seem to have no ends when you look upward, and various species of animals…all these can be found in that valley. Of course, we came across only a little bear there, nevertheless they say that the place is a habitat for the mountain lions, gazelles and different animals. One thing that really astonishes is that there are different trees whose heights exceed 100 meters there. In 1800s people carved a tunnel through one of those trees so that a cart could pass through it.

According to the press, famous Steve Jobs used to come there to have a rest. Perhaps this beautiful park has served as an inspiration to make the Iphones you use now perfect. Wedding party of Steve Jobs took place in one of the Hotels that situated in this park. Frankly, I have never used Iphone, however, they say one of the Apple Apps is named after Yosemite Park and it offered the wonderful pictures of the park as wallpaper.
Two of these wallpapers are used in our news and those who use the Apple will recognize them at one sight.

Tunnel View Center

One of the places where one can observe lots of places of the ancient and beautiful Yosemite park is the-so-called Tunnel View center. The large viewpoint area facing into Yosemite valley offers a view to the surrounding features, such as El Capitan hill, Half Dome height and Bridalveil Fall. Visitors from all over the world, first of off all, come to the viewpoint area in order to observe the wonderful places of the park and, of course, to have a photo taken.

Glacier Point

This Point is another point which allows one to view different places of the park from the height of 2200 metres. Notwithstanding that our visit was at the end of June, while walking to that center we came across the remainders of snow. If you have a chance to visit Yosemite National Park, we strongly advise you to visit that center. To tell the truth, at first I was on two minds on going to the place which is 40 minutes away from Tunnel View, because we were short of time, I however had to go there since we were in Myrad’s car. I was glad that I went there despite my tiredness. Because the more you look to the beauty of that place the more it attracts you. 

         Stone Complex – Half Dome     
The stone complex which reminds of the half dome house that was formed naturally in the field is called Half Dome. This place is wonderful and very pleasant to look at. Every day about 300 people are allowed to climb and even if you are not an alpinist, but you have some experiences in climbing, it is interesting to try. Bu we did not try to climb. 
      Height of “El Capitan”
One the most famous palaces of National Yosemite park is height of “El Capitan”. The height of this hill is equal to 910 meters, and is based on only one segment of cliff. This is the most favorite place of alpinists. In 1958 three alpinists climbed to El Capitan for the first time.
We ended our travel to National Park Yosemite in the evening. The next place we are planning to travel is the lovely place of entrepreneurs (businessmen) –  Silikon valley! 

Note : www.atavatan-turkmenistan.com, originally published in Turkmen language, in June 2019 and translated by M.Kakabayeva



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