Turkmenistan:Handmade creativity

A wedding, the birth of child, a new home, an important birthday…All of this are events that mark our lives forever and should be celebrated with a gift you can cherish for a lifetime. Every person is in search of attractive and innovative products for purpose of exchanging gifts. There are numerous business offering a variety of products for customers to fulfill their needs. But demand for handmade gift items is substantial. People like to purchase handmade items as gift because when an item is handmade, a little part of the creator of that piece goes into it. Artists put their ideas, personality, style, and often blood, sweat, and tears into their work which makes that work unique.

There is yet another advantage to producing goods by hand. They look desirable. For example, Switzerland is famous for the production of hand-made watches which are well known in all parts of the globe for their accuracy and charm. Likewise, hand-made silk saris produced in Banaras are cherished by millions of Indian women for their meticulous details. In addition, each country is special for its own handmade creativity.

Turkmenistan is famous for a variety of hands made items are provided under one roof which include: Handmade carpets, handmade carpet wallets, handmade carpet bags, handmade gift boxes, handmade wedding boxes, handmade cards, handmade baskets, handmade candles, handmade jewelry, handmade crown and etc.

Our country is shown that there are many Turkmen girls who have keen interest in making different handmade items. They duly create many innovative ideas and make handmade cloth with beautiful striped designs. Here we can also show our Turkmen men who create jewelry from gold and silver. It repeats the shapes of man and animals, birds and wolves in Turkmen’s unique jewelry. These are the favorite patterns of all Turkic people. At the same time, it is felt that ancient Parthia and Margiana were associated with the art of decoration, and our ornaments, and ornaments of other countries have nothing in common with them. In general every art created by the Turkmen people testifies to the strength and continuity of artistic traditions.

Turkmen State Energy Institute

Gurbanova Shasenem