Turkmenistan foreign policy – built on trust and peace

The foreign policy of our Motherland Turkmenistan is based on its neutrality, peace loving and goodwill international traditions.

the creative initiatives of our Esteemed President put forward with the aim of strengthening of universal peace, security and stability meet wide support in the whole world. Our Neutral state is widely known in the world as the state putting forward inter regional co-operation, goodwill, mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations in foreign policy.

Following the international legal status of Neutrality and taking into consideration the situation formed in the region and the whole world, our Motherland successfully realizes the foreign policy directed at securing the universal prosperity and peaceful development, positive solution of the most important problems of the present times, at regulating mutual understanding and its stability.

Under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, our Motherland is consistently implementing its foreign-policy course based on the principles of peaceableness, positive neutrality and broad mutually beneficial cooperation. In this constructive strategy, great importance is attached to strengthening multifaceted partnerships within the framework of authoritative international organisations and structures.

Being an associate member of the CIS in accordance with its neutral status, Turkmenistan takes an active position in the development of fruitful cooperation within the Commonwealth space, taking into account the existing solid potential. With the CIS states, our country is united by traditional ties of friendship, good neighbourliness and close historical and cultural ties, which serve as a solid foundation for deepening mutually beneficial cooperation and enriching its content.

The achievements of Turkmenistan in foreign economic activity, closely related to the strategic plans of socioeconomic development, contributed to the country’s entry into the world market. At this stage, an essential role is played by efforts aimed at the effective inclusion of the national economy in the system of world economic relations and the realisation of the economic advantages associated with this. An important tool for achieving this goal is the development of cooperation with the World Trade Organisation.

And now, due to the growing role of global integration processes in the implementation of foreign economic activity, one of the most important goals of Turkmenistan’s foreign trade policy is accession to the World Trade Organisation.

The achievements in foreign economic activity are a result of the implementation of fundamental reforms in all sectors of the economy. The leader of the nation emphasises the national economic policy should provide for economic structural transformations. This involves increasing the production of goods that meet international standards, enhancing state support for small businesses, the development of which will help increase the production of high-quality products, prioritising the development of export-oriented enterprises that produce the goods from local raw materials and digitalising all sectors.

Due to the wise and strategically adjusted policy of the leader of the nation, Turkmenistan become one of most important country in the region and whole world.

Nurmyrat Zulpiyev,

Senior lecturer of the Institute of International Relations

of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

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