Transport diplomacy: expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation

The creation of favourable conditions for the reliability of international transport corridors in the period of the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State turns our state into an important hub of transnational routes in continental directions. Along with this, our neutral Motherland, having identified the expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation in the sphere of transport and transit corridors as a priority, puts forward topical proposals of global significance.

Our country is located at the strategic crossroads of Central Asia and Europe, which conditions an enormous potential for international partnerships in the development of transport and transit corridors that pass through Turkmenistan. It is the effective use of this potential that the transport policy is aimed at, and it is being consistently implemented, with the participation of national transport and logistics companies as well.

In recent years, many unique airports, railways, highways, railway and road bridges, including the ultra-modern International Seaport in Turkmenbashi, have been built and are being built throughout the Motherland, which promote to forming important regional and interregional transport routes that run through our country in the North–South and East–West directions.

Turkmenistan has a strategic location for developing its own transport communications and increasing freight traffic along the Europe–Caucasus–Asia (TRACECA) corridor. And its participation in TRACECA projects will provide an opportunity to consistently and actively take additional practical steps in order to strengthen its status as the major transport hub of the region and to introduce the latest technologies in this area.

The basis of the national strategy of Turkmenistan is the idea of reviving the Great Silk Road, the phenomenon of which in this century opens up great opportunities for dozens of countries around the world. It is well known that the transit potential is the point of the economic growth of the state. To this end, our country is ensuring the creation of the most modern and efficient transport and logistics system in the Central Asian region. The Transport Diplomacy Development Programme of the President of Turkmenistan for 2022–2025 was adopted. The implementation of the goals and objectives outlined in this Programme will serve to further strengthening the potential of the state’s transport sphere, the multifaceted development of international cooperation and the improvement of the legislative framework in the industry. The Programme provides for strategically important steps aimed at improving the technical base of the sector in the state and creating a modern infrastructure.

Based on this, Turkmenistan is expanding the fleet of aviation, water, railway and motor transport. To this end, the country’s transport departments are purchasing new aircraft, diesel locomotives, passenger cars and buses and will build sea vessels. Among the goals of the Programme are also strengthening the positions of the Turkmen state as a regional centre of interstate transport and transit corridors, establishing cooperation with other countries at a new level, expanding opportunities for the development of cargo transportation, improving existing export, import and transit corridors, opening new ones and developing new international multimodal routes with flexible tariffs.

Mekan Hallyev,

4th year student of the Faculty of Mechanical and technological

of the Institute of Engineering – Technical and Transport Communications of Turkmenistan

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