The President of Turkmenistan inspects the activity of the Center of unmanned aerial vehicles

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has visited the Center of unmanned aerial vehicles, which under authority of the Ministry of Interior. Due to supportive activity of the head of the state last years, special attention is paid to the development of national electronic industry based on advanced world achievements and innovative technologies in this field. Organization of activity of the Drone Center has become an important step on this way.

Samples of various drones and their technical information have been presented to the President of Turkmenistan. Officer of the Ministry of Interior has reported to the leader of the nation about demonstrated UAVs, their specific use, flight mode and relative equipment of the drones, which are designated to receive necessary information.

It was informed that production of fie detections systems, which are installed at the residential buildings of the Ministry of Interior, social and administrative facilities. Video about production and construction of technical equipment designated for provision of fire safety, materials used for production have been demonstrated.

The specialist has informed that familiarization with activity of the Center, which carries out integrated works for production and launch of the drones, production of spare parts, can be made using the monitor.

At the same time, it was informed that there is a capability to make any equipment based on 3D model of devices and relative aids produced in the center.

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Officer of the State Border Guard Service has presented information about units used by border guard forces, about advantages of the drones during video monitoring of frontier territory as well as operational characteristics of UAVs. At the same time, it was noted that introduction of digital system has enhanced the efficiency of activity of Border Guard Service.

Further, officer of the Ministry of Defense has reported on equipment and digital technologies used in military divisions, their importance for successful fulfilment of the responsible mission by the Motherland’s defenders. It was informed that special attention is paid to use of latest technologies in activity of military divisions including during combat drills held by the Ministry of Defense.

Projects of the facilities, which are planned to be built under the General Plan of construction of the Drone Center, have been presented to the President of Turkmenistan. Projects of hangars for aircrafts and ground equipment, aircraft automatic control department, observation tower as well as hothouse and power substation under the Center have been demonstrated.

Further, President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has held an offsite session of the State Security Council.



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