PRESS RELEASE: Akina-Andkhoy railway line construction resumed in Afghanistan

In accordance with the agreement signed earlier between the Turkmendemiryollary Agency and the Afghan Railway Organization, engineers and railroad specialists from Turkmenistan arrived on June 5, 2022, in the town of Akina to continue the construction of the Akina-Andkhoy railway line. Turkmen specialists also brought with them all the necessary machinery and equipment.

In the town of Akina, railway workers from Turkmenistan were received by the heads of the Organization of Railways and other departments of the Balkh province of Afghanistan.

As is known, the construction of this railway line with a length of 30 km began on July 25, 2019. However, for various reasons, including restrictions due to the spread of the pandemic, 29 kilometers 200 meters of railway were built. It is assumed that the remaining 800 meters of the railway track will be laid within one month.

Within the framework of the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the CA countries and the PRC, the Head of the MFA of Turkmenistan held bilateral meetings


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