New sports buildings are opened in Turkmenistan

The opening events of new building of The Ministry of Sport and youth policy and the complex of buildings of Olympic kinds of sport faculty in the Turkmen state institute of physical culture and sport has been held in 1 September, The Day of Knowledge and Students. The President of Turkmenistan has attended to events.

Multityped sports centre for the students has been built by ‘Ajaýyp gurluşyk’, private company. Turkmen leader has talked to the sportspersons who are playing futsal, volleyball, tennis and basketball and their coaches during his visit.

The new two-stored building will be a great centre which will prepare professional Turkmen Olympians and professional coaches.

At once, 100 people can train at the Training halls placed at the first floor of the new building. At the second floor, 50 people can train at once.

After leaving the new building of Sports complex, the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow beholded the hostels, resting zone, auto park, cycling and running tracks placed nearby. And he advised to plant the right kinds of trees there, because the trees are important for producing oxygen.

Then, the President of Turkmenistan visited to the building of Olympic kinds of sport faculty. There, a group of artists greeted him playing musical instruments and singing songs.

There are Medical Department, high mountain stated cardio-training room, a training room for the athletes who do ippotherapy, laboratories for measuring and recognising muscles are placed at the first floor of the faculty building.

At the second floor, there are computer and lingafon rooms full of modern devices and a conference hall placed.

At the third floor, there are training rooms for the professional boxers, judoists, wrestlers, karatists, fencers and the table tennis players and other academic rooms.

After leaving the faculty building, President of Turkmenistan went to see the new building of the Ministry of Sport and youth policy. And he has cut the opening ribbon.

The building itself is multi-stored and a conference hall, staff rooms, studios and ediorials for the sports press are places in it.

The new buildings are part of the Olympic town and they formed a chain of sports building and created a very beautiful view in Ashgabat.

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