Global gas market grows: Increase of the gas export opportunities of Turkmenistan

According to the international data, global gas market develops with high pace. This information is reviewed in the “BP Energy Outlook 2018 Edition” which was released on February 20, 2018 by the BP Company.

Gas market will rise 47 per cent

As it is reported in the latest international information, global gas market will develop about 1.6 per cent each year until the period of 2040. In other words, it is expected to rise by 47 per cent from its present condition.

The growth of gas market will be 3 times higher than petrol market

According to the condition at the end of 2016, the volume of global gas market will be equal to 3 billion 204 million tons of conditional petrol. This index is expected to reach to 4 billion 707 million tons in 2040. During that time, the indicators of global petrol market will be relatively 4 billion 336 million and 4 billion 836 million tons. As  it is clear, during the period of 22 years, the expected rise of the petrol market will be 500 million tons of conditional petrol, and the increase of gas market will be threefold higher than the petrol market, that is 1 billion 502 million tons. During that time, the rise of 30 million tons of coal market, 320 million tons of atomic energy, 2 billion 25 million tons of alternative energy sources is expected.

Gas and petrol: 52 per cent

As a result, if the place of petrol among all the consumed energy sources is equal to 33 per cent at present time, this number is expected to drop to 27 per cent until 2040. During that time, the place of natural gas will possibly rise from 24 to 26. This is the clear indication that in the very near future the role of Turkmenistan having immense savings of natural gas, production and export opportunities, will also increase in the global energy market. At the mentioned period, the role of coal will possibly drop from 28 to 21.  The place of alternative energy sources will reach to 14 from 4 per cent by increasing threefold.

Energy market will reach to 35 per cent

So, in which countries will the energy sources be more consumed? Let’s continue our search! As it is stated, energy resources in the sum of 13 billion 276 million toe  are consumed each year globally. This number is expected to reach 17 billion 983 mtoe, by increasing 319 mtoe until 2040. Then, the annual development rate of the global energy market will be equal to 1.3 per cent.

China and India will make the 35 per cent of global energy market.

The energy resources is globally consumed by 17 per cent in the USA, 12 per cent in the EU, 23 per cent in China, 5 per cent in India at present time. Until 2040, this number is expected to drop to 13 per cent in the United States of America, 8 per cent in the European Union. However, there will be 24 per cent rise in China, and India will possibly reach to 11 per cent by having twofold rise. This clearly shows that in a few years China and India will occupy 1/3 of the global energy market. During that time, energy market of Chine will rise from 3 billion 52 million tons to 4 billion 319 million tons and there will be a rise from 724 million tons to 1 billion 921 mtoe in the energy market of India.

Dr. Dovran Orazgylyjov

Editor-in-chief of the international journal,

Atavatan Turkmenistan.

Source : Atavatan Turkmenistan News Agency (ATHA)

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