Digitalisation is the main trend of global development

Independent neutral Turkmenistan that has an impressive resource and economic potential continues to move forward confidently under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov along the path of progressive innovative development. Today, one of the key priorities is the transition of the national economy and all its sectors to a digital platform as an integral factor in further modernising the national economy and increasing its efficiency.

For this purpose, Turkmenistan is implementing the Digital Economy Conception for 2019–2025 and the State Digital Economy Programme for 2021–2025. The Turkmen leader notes the transition to a digital platform is one of the key vectors of the state policy. Its main aim is to create an effective management system capable of meeting the needs of the economy and modern society.

In accordance with the Digital Economy Conception for 2019–2025, mobile applications are being created, and the possibilities of popular Internet sites to sell manufactured goods remotely are used increasingly. Digital systems allow merchants to collect information about consumers, to track purchase history, to analyse demand for goods and to remain popular among customers.

Communications services, such as mobile services, IP-TV, the Internet, allow paying online, for example, for utilities and performing some banking operations.

Today, digitalisation covers all areas: from shopping at online stores to the construction of a smart city. In line with the ongoing large-scale reforms in the country and the Economic Digitalisation Conception, the connection between science, education and production should be strengthened, and special attention should be paid to training highly qualified personnel and introducing and studying new specialities.

Digitalisation is the main trend of global development, it enters our daily life and professional activity, expands the possibilities of communication, and we will only see these processes strengthening in the future. New industries, markets and management models are emerging against the backdrop of such rapid changes. Great importance to keeping pace with the times and technological progress in this area, therefore it is important to develop a system for transmitting information and a communications infrastructure.

Bayhan Pirgulyyev,

student of the Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A. Niyazov.


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