Bicycle ride took place in Seoul to celebrate the World Bicycle Day

To celebrate the World Bicycle Day, the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Korea organized a mass bicycle ride in the Hangang Park in the center of Seoul.

Hangang Park is the largest park on the shores of the Hangang River, which flows in the center of Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, and consist 12 complexes.

Observing the high traditions of friendship, peace and sports of this wonderful holiday, the participants of this event went on a bicycle ride along the shores of the park in the direction of the Hangang River.

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted about 20 Resolutions with the initiatives of the Government of Turkmenistan. It is worth mentioning that with the proposal of Turkmenistan, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a Resolution on the proclamation of June 3 as the World Bicycle Day.

Mass sports events held in various parts of the world by the diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan, dedicated to the celebration of the World Bicycle Day, are the recognitions of the fact that our country is known throughout the world as a country of health, inspiration, peace and friendship.


Report of the Ombudsman in Turkmenistan : 2021

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